Running a business of any size these days means that you must take advantage of the power of the Internet. One of the best ways to get your company noticed, and to beat out the competition, is to ensure that your website is ranking as highly as possible when a potential customer does a Google search. But how exactly do you get your website at the top of Google? You need great SEO, or “search engine optimization”.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a way to increase how often people are shown your website when they do a search through Google or any other search engine. The better your SEO, the more frequently you’ll be shown as the number one result for their query. The way to go about this is to use the right keywords and phrases, as well as things like links and meta descriptions, to make the search engine’s algorithm pick up on your site as having great quality content for a specific search phrase. But don’t worry – if that sounds like something that can take up way too much of your time, you can find SEO services from companies like Rebel Ape Marketing.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

The reason that SEO is so important is all in the way people use the Internet these days. Consider these statistics:

  • 75% of users on Google never look beyond the first page for results to a query.
  • The average length of any Google search is less than one minute – barely any time for users to search through more than a page or two of results.
  • SEO costs companies 61% less than direct marketing tactics.
  • Up to 80% of people using Google never click on paid advertisements.
  • The very first result for a query on Google will get on average 33% of all clicks.

The Bottom Line: SEO Increases Online Sales with More Traffic

All of the statistics above show one thing: website ranking is key for getting more traffic, more so than even paid marketing tactics can earn in many cases. By boosting your SEO, you stand a much higher chance of gaining more traffic – and with more traffic comes more sales.

As you learning “What is SEO?”, one of the best things to know is how SEO services can help you boost this traffic to earn more sales. Google algorithms are constantly evolving, so staying on top of great SEO can be a full-time job. In order to stay focused on your company, you can have this task performed by experts who specialize in growing traffic organically.

The Rebel Ape Marketing SEO Process

Rebel Ape Marketing is the answer you need for your Utah business. We help professionals in and around Ogden, as well as all over the world, build their SEO to increase their traffic, and ultimately increase their sales. We can also use graphic design to help your site shine. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us at here.


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