4 Ways Of Syndicating Content To Spread Awareness Of Your Blog

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What’s the point of having a great blog post that only a few people see and no one knows exists?

Your content is interesting, your niche is specific, but with no way of marketing the post, it falls flat. We have 4 ways to level up your blog game and start outranking competitors on Google search.

Use these four tools to reach larger audiences and become an authority in your field. Gain credibility from website visitors, and become a company that people trust.

Make sure to keep this guide handy because using even one of these techniques to start syndicating your content will step your blog game up .

Syndicate Your Content

#1: Why You NEED To Be Syndicating Your Content

If your going to make a blog post, you should share your content.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, and Quora, are a good place to start. Sharing your content on many platforms means a larger and more diverse audience.

Sharing on many platforms is great, but if you can’t commit, only share on one until you are ready for more.

Hardcore Twitter fans are different than hardcore Facebookers (ignore the names). The diversity lets you tap into different markets that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Your content hasn’t changed, but the way you deliver to each platform can land you in front of thousands of new eyes.

#2: Be The Expert In Your Field

Would you trust a random guy on the street for a solution to a headache or a doctor in a lab coat?

People on the internet are picky with who they trust since there are millions of people who have an opinion.

This is why you need to join forums and other online groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Male hand drawing Sharing concept on transparent wipe board.

#3: Share Your Value By Sharing Your Knowledge.

Share the value you have on your specific niche. This builds credibility and trust between you and your website visitors. Those visitors will want to go straight to the source, this source being your website of course.

Share your value by sharing the knowledge you have about your niche. If it’s helped you, it can likely solve their problem and help them, too.

Gone are the days where a blog comment can increase your SEO. They no longer increase your backlinks either. They can, however, increase human interaction if you are sincere on your comment.

Something as simple as commenting on a blog post like yours or in your niche can get people interested. This interest can get them coming over to visit your website.

This should go without saying, but avoid leaving links in these comments. Most websites will mark them as spam or delete them completely if you do.

Offer meaningful content that may be of use to someone scrolling through comments. You might get some traffic to your page.

It’s the little things like this that can prove very useful to you.

#4: Share Your Value. Find questions And Answer Them.

Consider this. There are currently 7 billion people on this earth. I mention this because I want you to imagine how much people use the internet to solve problems. Think of how many use it to find answers to their questions. This is where you come in.

You know your niche market inside and out. You can go on Quora, a site where millions of people ask questions. When there, find a few questions and answer them.

Are you into deep sea fishing? Someone has asked about it.

Are you into making your own beer? Someone has asked about it.

You be the person that provides and answer or insight into the problem that someone is having. When you answer these questions, people will often go to your profile. Make sure your own website is linked in your profile, and watch the traffic come in.

This is a CHEAT SHEET for syndicating content and I want you to use it.

Whenever you make a post in the future. I want you to think about the tools at your disposal that many bloggers already use.

This is free information that most people don’t pay attention to or even notice.

Not You.

You have the knowledge of your field and now you have the tools that will help you in syndicating your content and spread awareness of your content.

Feel free to join the discussion below or contact us with questions.

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