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If you are looking for website design in Ogden Utah then you’ve come to the right place. If you are on this page then it’s probably safe to assume you know the importance of web design. However, there is more to web design than jumping on the latest “website builder” that graces the market. Sure, they can put some images and text on a page but let’s cover a few aspects of web design.

The main focus of web design

Navigation | Message | Response

Offering web design in Ogden Utah. Good web design can create trust for your website visitors. Without nice visual design and strong hierarchy to your navigation interface, visitors will quickly leave your page, this is one aspect of the “bounce rate.” Professional web design will guide visitors through your site and create visitor retention, lower bounce rate, and increase the chances of the potential customer or client contacting you for your services.

Mobile Responsive

The days of having a desktop website and a second mobile website are gone. We have moved into the era of responsive websites. What is responsive web design? It is designing a single website that will determine the screen size of your device and move the elements on the page around to accommodate that screen size. All of our websites are designed to be mobile responsive to stay current with the latest and always changing technology.

Built on the WordPress platform

Fully Supported | SEO Support | Plugin Integration | User Management | e-Commerce Support | Blogging Platform | CMS Platform

Built on WordPress

With the ever increasing number in do-it-yourself website builder apps, WordPress has consistently proven itself to be the largest community driven plateform available powering 25% of all the websites across the web. In addition, it is constantly maintained and updated to have the latest stable technology for ease of use and security.

If you are unsure if you would like a website built on a custom WordPress install like I offer, we encourage you to try some of the alternate options available and decide if you feel they will be sufficient to meet your needs, not only in visual design but also the ability to scale your site as it groes. A few aspects to consider is the CMS quality, interlinking, SEO features, plugin features, ease of updates, hosting space, code control, and website builder updates,  just to name a few.

If you are looking to make changes to your website, I add additional features to WordPress to give a similar website builder to the pages you can edit as well as code control many website builder apps don’t offer.

If you are looking for a graphic designer or website designer then shoot us a message. We work with most budgets and all company sizes from large corporations down to weekly bloggers. We can personally visit anyone local to Ogden, Utah and the surrounding areas.  Contact us today!

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