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Graphic design is one of the largest and most essential sections of any marketing strategy. Most campaigns you run will center on visual communication and, to achieve that, you will need strong and creative graphic design to effectively convey your message. Not only does well prepared graphic design successfully deliver your message to your target audience, but it reinforces your company brand at the same time. This will yield better passive sales results and trust.

We offer freelance graphic design to businesses and individuals in and around Ogden, Utah. If you are outside of that area, we can consult with you over the phone, email, or Google Hangouts and provide you with the same exceptional quality as our clients in Ogden, Utah.

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We Get You The Designs You Need

As graphic designers, we will talk with you personally about any project and begin to nail down the details of any project or campaign that you wish to start on. This will help us to assess what it will take to accomplish the task. After we feel that the message is clear, we begin the initial design process and within a short time, we deliver your first comp for review. During this time, we will continue to talk about the projects and continually refocus our goals to make sure we hit the target audience with the perfect message.

After the planning and design are completed, we implement the process of the graphic design and deliver it to the intended audience, where we can further monitor the success of the project or campaign. This will allow us to continually readjust it to reinforce the message and keep it fresh and exciting. We offer many different types of graphic design depending on what you need, whether it is a stand-alone project or a larger campaign. If there is something specific, just contact us and we can talk about your project needs to find out the best route to get your design fulfilled. 


We look over the design scope we create from our conversation and build ideas.


We create a lot of little sketches called thumbnails. This is where we get the initial look.


After the thumbnail has been chosen, we then move to the computer.


After the design has been chosen, we supply you with print and web versions of the design.

Tell Your Customers Who You Are

Unless you have successfully marketed and placed your business, there is a good chance that there are a lot of potential customers that haven’t had the opportunity to get to know you and what you offer. There is also a great chance that what you have is exactly what they have been looking for. With strong graphic design, you can get your message in front of them so that you can start to develop a relationship with customers that are interested in your company.

Each design campaign has to be strategically thought out and the target audience must be known and evaluated. That way, we can create a campaign that hits the audience at the emotional core of who they really are and not simply who they claim to be. When you can get your campaign to deliver a message on that level, that is when a true connection is made to the audience. Don’t settle for any design. Each design should tie in with your corporate branding as a whole; the logo, the colors, fonts, and even your company, to create a unified whole. Deliver your message quickly and effectively with our design services.


Why You Need Professional Graphic Design?

With the amount of marketing and advertising out there, it’s easy for your message to be overlooked without strong graphic design. Use visual communication to present your message to your audience and create action that gets a response. Dull, boring design doesn’t cut it when you play with the big kids. Use graphic design in your marketing and advertising strategies to get results.

Clear Communication​

An effective campaign requires clear communication to the target audience. If the graphic design doesn’t have a clear, immediate message, the campaign will fail. We make our design get right to the point quickly and efficiently.

Visual Impact

A mundane design isn’t going to get you very far when you need impact. No matter the design, no matter the topic, impact can be delivered elegantly or aggressively, but it must be memorable or you will lose the audience.

Create Confidence

Effective graphic design creates confidence in the target audience and it will, in turn, create a following of clients that want to follow and support your brand. Get a design that creates that confidence when you hire Rebel Ape for your design.

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