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Graphic Design

Give your company a voice and stand out by implementing compelling graphic design into your company image. Stop blending in with the crowd, it's time to stand out!

Website Design

Being online is a must for most businesses these days. We offer website design to get your business online so you can claim your place in the digital marketplace.

Logo Design

Your logo is often the first marketing aspect your clients are introduced to. You logo is the voice of your company. What does your logo design say about your business?

More Than Just SEO.

Hiring a good SEO company can make or break your business. We often hear clients tell us all the time they have worked with three or four different SEO companies, only to waste thousands of dollars with little or nothing to show for their work. How does Rebel Ape Marketing help to break this mold? Simple. We aren’t focused only on SEO, we are also focused on quality web design, branding, and delivering real results. We’re not just about SEO, we’re better.

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The online marketing world is driven by competition, challenge, and delivering top performance. The average website owner can struggle to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates and changes needed to remain compliant with Google requests. The problem we often see in our industry is companies paying professionals or SEO-focused companies who simply build a website, make a few simple edits and call it good.

At Rebel Ape Marketing, we focus on continually watching the search engines and understanding the ranking metrics used. You will not see significant results without a proven and effective SEO strategy. Most website owners see sporadic results because they aren’t sure what target keywords need to be used, or they build backlinks that do not have value. One single backlink can work wonders for your website compared to 10 links with low-traffic sources. We aren’t the marketing company that believes in cheap link building, which will penalize your site and can almost ruin your business.

Ready to get started?

How do we do it at Rebel Ape Marketing? We begin with a technical audit of your website to look at some of the quick fixes and the challenging fixes. We will then create a list of the best keywords to target for your industry and create a personalized marketing strategy. We do not have a cookie-cutter quote program like other groups because we know each business we work with is unique and have different needs.


When you work with Rebel Ape Marketing, you can be rest assured that you will be involved in the online marketing process. We want our clients to understand the difference between good links and bad links, why a competitor may jump ahead one month in the search engines and your website takes a dip in rankings, and how we are working to give your business the best online visibility to improve lead generation and customer interaction.

We send regular performance reports and updates on the progress of our marketing work. Our team will be in contact with you, with each department head confirming we are providing the best service for your needs. Our CEO, Adam Miconi, personally meets with each client to discuss your goals and how our team of professionals will be able to meet those needs. We believe in having an open and consistent line of communication. When you ask for a website update or social media post, you can rest easy knowing our team will take care of it immediately, not weeks or months later! We track our website changes and update to give you a clear picture of the work we have completed, allowing us to strategize with you on some new goals and tasks to add to continue building your online visibility and reputation.

Results may vary from industry and other factors.



A great marketing strategy is necessary for any business to grow and succeed. As your business grows you will be required to constantly refine your strategy and incorporate newly acquired data you received from your marketing campaigns and adjust the many strategy aspects to continue to build a successful company. These aspects often require a multitude of graphic design such as: logo design, website design, SEO, email marketing, and many other marketing solutions.

As your company grows you will find your need for graphic design will grow as well. When you hire US as your marketing agency, we here to help you with any of your marketing aspects. If you have a project that requires additional attention, we will happily help with that as well. We can help you create all of your marketing needs from full branding to the smallest campaign so you can focus on what you do best — run your business.

Whether you are looking for internet marketing of something in print, we can help!


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We will analyze your website an make suggestions to help you be found online.

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